Add 17-25 IDEAL Client Appointments Per Month & Scale Your Business to $100k+/Month using the 6 Figure Framework

Add 17-25 IDEAL Client Appointments Per Month & Scale Your Business to $100k+/Month using the 6 Figure Framework

Step 1: Get acquainted with our process.

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How David got 2 IDEAL clients in just 7 days.


David H. / Financial Advisor

Initial State:

David had no niche or online authority within the Insurance Advisor space.


2 IDEAL Clients under contract in 7 days.


David came into the program skeptical about our results after being burned numerous times by lead generation companies and was desperately in need of a new direction. David hadn’t closed a life insurance policy in over a month before getting started with us and was trying to do business with anyone and everyone.

How Did We Actually Do It?

We positioned and helped David with niching down in the construction industry.

How Sharron & Dara got 27 New Appointments with their DREAM Clients The First Month.


Sharron C. / Insurance Advisor

Initial State:

No consistent sales process, relying on referrals and inconsistent paid ads.


2‍7 New Appointments with IDEAL Clients After 1st Month

$60,000 in commissions between Sharon & her partner Dara in the first 6 weeks.


Sharon & her partner Dara were like many other agents before coming on board to our services. They were highly skeptical, unsure if it was going to work and they weren't the ones to blame. The insurance industry is filled with people charging exorbitant amounts of money for systems that don’t deliver on their promises.

How Did We Actually Do It?

We revamped their strategy, which drove up their booking rate and closing rate, to get these results and more importantly the outreach didn’t require them to have a monthly recurring marketing budget.

How Jorge closed $265k AP in 120 Days.


Jorge W. / Insurance Producer

Initial State:

Fantastic insurance producer, but his system wasn’t optimized to meet his actual potential with a multichannel approach


$265,000 AP in 120 days.


Jorge is a licensed insurance agent servicing the Florida market. After a few years working in the industry, Jorge noticed something. His income had plateaued. Although Jorge was an excellent agent, he had reached the peak volume he could handle. He literally did not have the time in the day to handle more clients.

How Did We Actually Do It?

Jorge took advantage of our proven system to nurture & close Spanish Speaking leads. He closed $265,000 in AP for his business with dozens of motivated people in the pipeline ready to buy week after week.

How Alex makes well over 6 figures per month, and connects with 8-fig corporations.


Alex R. / Wealth Management

Initial State:

Alex had a weak messaging and marketing approach. Leads didn't see the value in his offer even though his product makes high-impact on his clients businesses.


1‍00k+ months & contact with world-class corporates


Alex came to us when he was spending thousands of dollars on lead funnels and ads. Despite being skeptical about our claims, he took the leap of faith allowing us to guide him in using our simple approach.

How Did We Actually Do It?

There's tons of Financial Advisors that list the same products, but few of them explicitly know how to resonate with their audience. When markets shift, people make impulsive investment decisions. Alex learned to position himself as an expert & get market resonance by taking advantage of market shifts in his offer.

How James made $40k in Annuities his first month.


James H. / Financial Advisor

Initial State:

James spent too much time prospecting, and a very small portion of that was having sales conversations. He wanted to transition & focus in Annuities but wasn't able to do it successfully.


$40,000 in Annuities the first month, consistently getting 13-15 zoom appointments with his dream-annuity client avatar.


James is a natural born sales-man, always excited to talk about finance but forgot to diversify on his marketing efforts. Was depending on his book of business and needed an efficient & reliable solution.

How Did We Actually Do It?

He noticed if he can only focus in taking sales calls that's where his time is best spent instead of trying to convince people in his investment product/vehicle.

How Angela connected with high-net-worth Spanish-speaking individuals closing $97k in commissions.


Angela W. / Insurance Advisor

Initial State:

Prospecting efforts weren't delivering on her expectations. Getting a lot of attention from leads but not enough sales.


Booking 34 appointments in the first 2 months, which turned into $97k+ in commissions.


Angela is a bilingual agent, even though she didn't know it, Indexed Universal Life products to Spanish Speaking clients was her bread and butter.

She was doing great as an Insurance Advisor but didn't know how to take it to the next level. Her prospecting efforts weren't delivering on her expectations because she was doing the same as every other Insurance agent/advisor.

How Did We Actually Do It?

Cut through the noise using her unique niche of high-net-worth spanish speaking individuals.

How Thomas closed 6-figures in commissions helping Dermatologists.


Thomas N. / Life Insurance

Initial State:

Wide experience with dermatologists, but sales cycles were too long, he was following up with old leads that could potentially turn into big clients but they were too busy running their business. He noticed that he couldn't rely entirely on referrals.


Closed 6-figures in commissions helping Dermatologists clients.


Thomas has more than 20 years of experience building custom corporate strategies. He was spending a lot of time building custom-strategies and proposals to big corporations without even getting a response.

How Did We Actually Do It?

Used the same 6-Figure Framework strategy to get ahold and book appointments with his old opportunities he wasn't able to contact in the past 4 months.

How Eric helped Construction Company owners build a retirement plan, making $160k in commissions.


Eric G. / Financial Planning

Initial State:

Eric had a hard time gaining Business Owners attention, waiting in their office and not getting through gatekeepers.


Eric was able to fill his pipeline with appointments, getting direct contact with high-net-worth individuals, getting $160k in commissions in 6 months.


Eric was spending hundreds of hours per year doing seminars, cold calling & following up with past clients trying to get referrals. He wasn't working with his dream clientele and rather talking to any prospect that showed interest.

Eric has great speaking skills from doing seminars, he knew that if he got at least 5 prospects on a call he was able to make enough to achieve his financial goals.

Problem was, after trying multiple solutions like buying and calling leads, doing webinars, or running paid ads; leads didn't show any type of interest. Even worse, the ones that did, didn't show up to the calls they booked.

He's an entrepreneur so after doing some research he knew he needed a way to build rapport with leads without spending so much time over the phone. That's when he tried GrowthSurance.

How Did We Actually Do It?

Focused on construction company owners and created nerve-striking messaging assets.

How Eric helped him and his team make $200k+ in commissions in 6 months.


Eric L. / Health Insurance Sales Leader

Initial State:

Worked closely with his team generating new business through outreach methods like cold emailing, cold calling & customer referrals to build their pipeline. Multichannel approach was hard to scale. Only a few advisors were succeeding. Not positioned as professionals or trusted advisors. Felt lost and overwhelmed with past process. Operated on thin margins and overworked.


Eric and his team closed $200k in commissions within the first 6 months.


Eric did 350 cold calls and sent 35 emails per day, had experience managing lead generation, coaching new and existing agents, managing the pipeline and leading the team towards their annual goal.

How Did We Actually Do It?

Multiple workshops with their team, fixed commission structure. Every team member is reaching out to their ideal client and achieved status delta within their niche positioning themselves as trusted advisors.

How Evelyn helped Salon Owners build a retirement plan, making $85k in commissions.


Evelyn W. / Financial Planning

Initial State:

Evelyn didn’t have an outreach and marketing system so she relied on selling to her network of friends and family.‍


Evelyn received 38 ideal client appointments and closed 4 clients in her first 2 months, 100% digitally.


Evelyn would go door to door to businesses. Sometimes she would wait 2 hours just to get a 30 minute retirement plan pitch in. She wanted to sell retirement plans but she didn’t know which companies had the right owners that fit her ideal client so she would spin her wheels meeting with business owners that had no retirement plans needed at the moment. Evelyn was great at creating relationships but not good at having a follow up process that led to helping a client with a retirement plan.

How Did We Actually Do It?

We helped Evelyn niche down to beauty product and salon owners, create multiple digital campaigns, and crafted a digital sales process specifically for her ideal clients.

Why are you here?

Relying on referrals is never a good idea. But paying for appointments, leads, recurring marketing expenses, doing seminars or webinars and paid ads or mailers is not the way either.

There’s a lot of noise being made online about this.

You may be thinking the old school methods still work now. Waiting on business owner’s offices and spending hours commuting. That may work a few times because of your skills but it’s not a framework that you want to use forever.

And paid advertising is leaving you out of business.

You’re currently working with clients that don’t respect your time.

  • Prospects that are not showing up on scheduled times.

  • Prospects that end up canceling at the last minute.

  • Prospects that showed interest a couple weeks ago but still haven't closed them or even booked a meeting.

You’re tired of being disrespected and not being valued for your time.

You’re left with the “can’t please them all” mentality. You wish you could fire these types of clients but you’re forced to work with them simply because you have a dry pipeline.

You’re currently depending on your book or business or Agency. Worst of all, your Insurance business is becoming less profitable day by day with huge marketings costs. It’s stressful.

You’re done scratching your head to solve this problem.

Anybody can start netting hundreds of thousands of dollars as an Insurance/Financial Advisor but no one said it would be simple.

Your dream clients are choosing the competition. Every. Single. Day.

Competition erodes profits.

What should you do? Cut through the noise.

How? By creating, and capturing more value in your unique market using Organic channels.

Let me explain more... When you're creating a solution you want to be the best or only option in the market.

Competitors want to devour you. The likelihood of them doing so if you deliver a transformation for a specific niche is low. They will compete with you once you have validated your business and your niche, however at that point you wil have a lead.

Focusing on a specific problem = Better case studies, hence better resonance with your marketing, & higher returns in your business.

Best of all, your first niche is your ideal clientele. That means, as an Advisor, you will only focus on converting your dream clients. The ones you love working with, that 20% of your portfolio that are 80% of your current profits.

Imagine this scenario; you book 15 appointments with your dream clients, you get on calls with them, they show up to the calls, excited to speak with you. You close some of your first, dream clients. Without prospecting, or giving half of your customer acquisition costs to Mark Zuckerberg.

If you resonated with any of the points above, stick around. You’re in the right place.

Our track record

Constantly pushing the limits of what is possible in the Insurance & Financial Conversion Space.

Brad Fitzgerald (CEO & Co-founder)

Brad Fitzgerald is an Insurance Advisor with background in the tech space.

Ended up taking over the entire sales ecosystem of one of the biggest branches of USHA. Sending & managing hundreds of thousands of leads per month.

This amount of lead volume can only be handled leveraging technology, this is where he learned to create custom software solutions with developers and engineers, founding "The Lead Lion" (Exited). Not so long after working with hundreds of agents and dozens of agencies, partnering with the biggest Insurance School in Florida ( creating our own Agency (U-surance).

We started noticing something, a clear pattern, and therefore a list of things to do and things to avoid, of leveraging Video-Sales-Letters to shorten the sales cycle of high-ticket clients.

Of how the successful advisors position themselves as an authority, as the best or only solution in the market.

LeadsCon 2022 Keynote - Spoke to hundreds of agents on lead gen & conversion strategies.

What are top-producers doing different?

It's not just one thing, rather a combination of factors. We had to figure it out, we saw the same agency, providing the same tools to every agent, yet only certain advisors/agents were reaching their goals.

The rest of them were lacking, we even experienced it inside our own agency.

So, we did something very few people ACTUALLY do.

We sat down, every day for a month. Sometimes 12-consecutive hours.

We watched every interaction, every email, message & call that the top-producing agents had with prospects that turned into a close.

And we broke it down in a few steps.

We applied it with ourselves at U-surance, guess what? It worked phenomenally.

We applied it with other fellow Advisors, guess what? It failed tremendously.

Why? we spent 6 months trying to answer this question.

The thing is, every Advisor is different, their desired market is different, product is different, you can't do the same thing for everyone.

You need a clear process, based on small iterations that helps you get to your desired outcome, booking meetings with people that understand & want what you sell.

This is a process that will accelerate any advisor's growth. We made sure of that, and it's made in a way, so if one small thing doesn't work how we want it to, the process tells you exactly what to do, and what to expect.

Leaving no uncertainty.

Want to make an extra 5-6 figures helping your ideal clientele?

We help Financial & Insurance Advisors get on calls with their ideal clients without paying for leads or appointments, no recurring expenses, relying on referrals, ads or seminars. Interested in working with us?


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